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Wingspan showcases Helen and Andrew Wrigley's art, so please take a look around.


Find out what Exhibitions they have been involved in:



Or view galleries of their work, under either 'Helen' or 'Andrew' in the top menu.


Andrew also writes a blog. It's not all about art, but the main focus is on what they are working on and how they are doing it.


Check it for news, such as where they are exhibiting, and recommendations of courses they have attended.

To read their profiles, visit:



New content is added all the time, so come back soon!

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Helen's Galleries:

Helen Wrigley's Paintings about Life
Helen Wrigley's Landscapes
Helen Wrigley's Paintings of People
Helen Wrigley's Flower Paintings
Helen Wrigley's Still Lifes
Helen Wrigley's Sculptures
Helen Wrigley's Photography

Andrew's Galleries:

Andrew Wrigley's Paintings
Andrew Wrigley's iPad Paintings
Andrew Wrigley's Drawings
Andrew Wrigley's Sculptures
Andrew Wrigley's Pumpkins
Andrew's latest Blog posts
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