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About Us

"If this is retirement, bring it on!" Tuppie Rosenthal

Helen's niece said that about us, and it is so true... or is it? We certainly have no intention of retiring from Art. 

We are a married couple who live together, love together, go to art courses together, work together... and even share the same website.

We have exhibited consistently at North Yorkshire Open Studios and, after moving to the smoke, York Open Studios. We have taken part in joint exhibitions with other artists, as well as Art Shows and competitions, especially in Argentina, such as the Salon Nacional in Buenos Aires (drawing and painting).


Our Mission

We do art.

We paint, and draw, sculpt and photograph and generally create as well as we can, as much as we can. Our ambition is Art.


That's pretty much it.


Our Vision

There is no art in isolation. Speaking only for ourselves, that doesn't mean you have to stampede with the herd, nor comply with fads and fashions.


We do art because we have things we want to say and we want to try to find the best way to say them.

We hope you find inspiration in our work.


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