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Our Exhibitions

Art is a journey: sometimes it lags behind, but soon enough it overtakes you again.

Andrew has exhibited at the Salon Nacional in Buenos Aires,  in the categories of drawing and painting, as well as in other shows and competitions in Argentina.

Helen took part in Art for Youth, organised by Youth UK, at Queen Mary's school, near Thirsk.


Helen and Andrew have also taken part in various joint shows:

  • Yorkshire Wolds Gallery near Scarborough

  • The Palace Hub Art Gallery in Redcar

  • Joint exhibitions with 3 other artists near Scarborough.


They have also consistently exhibited in North Yorkshire Open Studios, until moving to York in 2020. They then exhibited in the 2022 edition of York Open Studios. The shows have been a commercial success, with paintings, drawings and sculptures selling well, and an excellent footfall.


The following link shows some of their most recent work, that we had on show at York Open Studio in 2022:

York Open Studios 2022

You can also view a taster of what they exhibited at North Yorkshire Open Studios over the years, by following the link below:

North Yorkshire Open Studios

Flowers Lilies Op.jpg

They will be adding any new exhibitions under the Exhibitions tab in the top menu of this site.

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